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Where to Download Novels - iPad Alternatives

By []Elise M.

Move over Amazon Kindle and conventional books, the Apple iPad is finally here. In case you're not exactly certain of what the iPad really is, it generally resembles a large iPod Touch or iPhone, known as a tablet computer that is mainly used for internet browsing and media consumption. This revolutionary new gadget allows user to upload photos, write various documents, watch movies, and read and download novels. iPad users can read books, magazines, newspapers, and whatever other information sources that they so desire.

Now, let's take a look at a few alternatives to download novels. iPad users can benefit from:

Amazon Kindle For iPad

Before the launch of the iPad, the Amazon Kindle was one of the top ebook readers on the market. While the Kindle will probably still remain popular, Amazon and Apple have worked out something very smart for iPad users: a Kindle application for the iPad which includes Whispersync technology, which actually synchronizes the reader's last page, bookmarks pages, takes notes and highlights text and is completely compatible with the Apple iPad and to download novels. iPad users are most definitely thankful for this revolutionary application, which can be purchased from Apple's App Store.

The Apple iBookstore

This is, of course, Apple's content sales store and delivery system for all iBooks to be used on the iPad, the iPhone, and the iTouch. Before the iPad was released, several publishers like Penguin Books, HarperColins, Simon & Schuster, Macmillan Publishers, and Hachette Book Group USA entered into a joint venture with Apple to produce content for the iBookstore.

Stanza For iPad

While there is still speculation about a Stanza application for iPad being developed, it seems that Apple is looking to restrict ebook readers to just Kindle and iBook, at least for a little while. When Apple does decide to let third-party ebook reader applications in, Stanza will most likely be a popular choice to download novels. iPad owners will have to wait and see what happens.


This is every iPad owner's dream. If you're really looking to load up your iPad with various types of media, whether it be graphic novels, newspapers, comic books, magazines, or whatever, this is most likely the alternative for you. Unlike the Apple iBookstore which charges about $12 for each separate iBook, MyPadMedia is much more efficient in delivering the best iPad media files for your personal usage.

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